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Motion C & G SP X | Technical Data

Motion C & G SP X | Technical Data

Motion C & G SP X | Fitting Range Hearing loss  

Motion C & G SP X | Fitting Range Hearing loss
Earhook | Basic Data 

Motion C & G SP X | Features and Accessories 

Motion C & G SP X | Further information
The following abbreviations are used in this datasheet:
OSPL Output Sound Pressure Level
HFA High Frequency Average
FOG Full-On Gain
MASL Magneto Acoustical Sensitivity Level
SPLITS Coupler SPL for an Inductive Telephone Simulator
RSETS Relative Equivalent Telephone Sensitivity
SPLIV SPL In a Vertical magnetic field
AI-DI Articulation Index - Directivity Index
IRIL Input Related Interference Level
RTF Reference Test Frequency
X All measurements with the 2 ccm coupler were performed according to ANSI S3.22-2014 and IEC 60118-0:2015 if 
X All measurements with an ear simulator were performed according to IEC 118-0/A1:1994 and to DIN 45605 (frequency 
range) if applicable.
X Curves and figures representing FOG are measured with 20 dB reduction and 70 dB SPL input level.
X Figures representing Equivalent Input Noise incorporate a moderate expansion.
X Tinnitus noiser measurement conditions: all tinnitus single frequency sliders in max position, master volume slider in default 
position (0 dB) and local volume control in default position.
X Inductive coil sensitivity values, inductive response curves and T ratings apply for instruments with telecoil only.
X The current consumption is measured in reference test setting (RTS) according to the applicable standards. Due to the 
settling behaviour of hearing instruments supporting RF (radio frequency), the battery current is measured 3 minutes after 
turning on (note: no pairing)
X The battery runtime is based on first fit settings using 60 % of the fitting range and an ISTS (International Speech Test 
Signal) input signal at 65 dB SPL (note: pairing established). The actual battery runtime is determined by battery quality, 
hearing loss, sound environment, usage and activated feature set. Regarding RF usage (Bluetooth streaming) two different 
conditions are considered.
X The following acoustic connections / ear pieces were used:
 – Earhook
Special note for instruments with built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
X The runtime of all lithium-ion rechargeable batteries reduces over time. The estimates are based on fresh lithium-ion 
rechargeable battery capacity. Under normal operating conditions, the battery will retain up to 80 % of its initial capacity after 
2 years of use. Please note that battery performance will vary depending on individual usage patterns and environmental 
 “Made for iPod”, “Made for iPhone”, and “Made for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory 
has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and 
has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not 
responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory 
standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect 
wireless performance