WIDEX EVOKE 220 Hearing Aid Price pdf


Real Life Hearing Powered via Machine Learning, E-Platform, SoundSense Learn via Evoke App, Tri link Technology, 10 Processing Channels, HD Locator (10 Channels),IE Variable Speed Compression, 4 Sound Classes, SoundSense Adapt (via Tonelink App, Dex Device), 3 Listening Programs, Widest Linear Input Dynamic Range, Wind Noise Control, Soft Level Noise Reduction, Fluid Sound Analyzer, New Sound Rationale, Fluid Sound Controller, Adaptation Manager, True Sound Softener, High Resolution Sensogram, Multidirectional Active Feedback Cancelling (IE), Sound Dairy, Personal Audibility Extender, Zen IE, Smart Speak, IE Volume Control & Program Shift, Push Button ( Preference Control, Program Shift or Combination of Two), Direct Streaming with iPhone & Select iOS Devices (via 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Low Energy), User control (via Evoke App/ Tonelink App/Dex Devices), Apps for iPhone and Android via Comdex Device, T-Coil, Microphone Mode, Sharing Data/ Cloud, Compatible with Remote Mic & Dex Devices, TV Play for Direct TV Streaming,CROS/BiCROS

S.NoProductTypeBattery sizeMax Battery life(in hrs.)Fitting RangeMRP
1E2-FMMini BTE3121550-95 dB HL1,00,000
2E2-FAStandard BTE3121600-95 dB HL1,00,000
3EBB3D 220Mfi BTE1323010-105 dB HL1,00,000
4E2-FPPower BTE1328020-110 dB HL1,00,000
5E2-PARIC101000-90 dB HL1,00,000
6E2-FSRIC3121700-115 dB HL1,00,000
7E2-F2Mifi RIC3121700-115 dB HL1,05,000
8E2-XPITC3121400-85 dB HL1,00,000
9E2 CIC-MMicro CIC101050-90 dB HL1,00,000
10E2-CICCIC101000-90 dB HL1,00,000