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Signia Styletto 1X Hearing Aid Review

Signia Styletto 1X Hearing Aid Review

The Signia Styletto 1X hearing aid ranks as the lowest technology level within the Styletto X family. The Styletto 1X technology level offers Essential performance by  Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic  standards.

Essential hearing aids will provide a few filters and programs, making these devices ideal for those with a mostly quiet lifestyle. If you primarily wish to improve your hearing in small groups, one-on-one conversations, and during routine activity within a home setting, the Signia Styletto 1X may be the hearing aid for you.

Styletto 1X hearing aids are the first ever of slim Receiver-in-canal (slim RIC) form factor. The design boasts a decrease in size to the traditional RIC that sits comfortably behind the user’s ear.

These hearing aids are rechargeable, so simply place them on the charger at night and they will be ready to go with you all day long.  

For additional questions and information about the Signia Styletto 1X hearing aid, you may find more specific details on Signia’s website.

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