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 The company Phonak

Founded in Switzerland in 1947, Phonak has become one of the world's largest and leading manufacturers of hearing aids. Originally, the Phonak AG started off in Zurich with a focus on electroacoustics. In 1985, Phonak entered the hearing instrument market as a holding company, 22 years later Phonak Holding AG switched its name to Sonova Holding AG.

As a parent company, Sonova Holding AG comprises more than 30 companies and is represented in more than 90 countries across the world. Since its foundation, Phonak has been Sonova's core brand. Other well-known brands of the Sonova Holding AG include Unitron , Hansaton and Advanced Bionics, which is specializing in cochlear implants.

Sonova's research centres are located in Switzerland as well as in the USA and Canada. Production takes place in Switzerland, California, China and Vietnam.

Phonak hearing aids

There is a wide variety of designs for both ITE and BTE models. Phonak's award-winning design and the numerous technical innovations that the company contributes to the hearing aid market are particularly impressive. When testing hearing aids, it quickly shows why Phonak is one of the market's leaders for hearing solutions.

In recent years, a clear trend has emerged in the industry: hearing aids are becoming more powerful and yet smaller. Phonak follows the trend, which is why their models are not only technologically advanced but especially user-friendly. With high wearing comfort and outstanding features, Phonak devices can significantly enrich everyday living with hearing impairment.

Phonak Audéo Paradise - Phonak's Best Hearing Aid

Phonak offers various hearing aids with different technology levely, which also vary in price. As a general rule, the higher the range of technical functions, the higher the price. If you are looking for a hearing aid with basic features, it's best to take a look at the Phonak Audéo Paradise 30 , also called Audéo P30. This device is particularly suitable for quiet environments and comprises essential functions.

If you have higher demands concerning the technical features of your device, you should consider the higher technology levels, such as the Phonak Audéo Paradise 50 , or the P70. The P50 already offers a higher level of comfort in noisy surroundings, whereas the P70 convinces with tap control and a wind block function.

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is also available in a premium version. With this model, the Phonak Paradise 90 , you can enjoy numerous additional features enabling you to master even loud or reverberant listening situations. We're happy to assist you with choosing the right technology level for you. Simply contact our hearing care professionals if you're in need of assistance.

The AutoSense adaptive system installed in the Audéo models is particularly noteworthy. Every 0.4 seconds, the system checks the acoustic environment, analyzes it and automatically adjusts the settings of your device accordingly. It can choose from 200 different configurations and thus select the optimal setting for every listening situation. According to the manufacturer, AutoSense increases your speech understanding by 20%. In noisy environments, you can achieve improved speech intelligibility with AutoSense by at least 60%.

A well-known problem of hearing aid users - having to take out your hearing aids for streaming music or making phone calls through in-ear headphones. Phonak easily solves this issue through the bluetooth feature! This feature allows you to stream directly from your TV, smartphone or any other bluetooth device by pairing it with your Audéo Paradise. Then, the audio track of the chosen device is transmitted directly to and heard through your hearing aid!

Special Fields of Applications of Phonak Hearing Aids

Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus TherapyPhonak offers devices that possess an additional tinnitus function. Your hearing care professional will be happy to help you to set up the tinnitus therapy program to ensure correct use. Since tinnitus is often most severe at night, it can cause sleep disturbances. These can be avoided by choosing an appropriate device for treating your tinnitus, leading to more energy during the day.

For severe hearing loss

Phonak's power hearing aid, the Naída Paradise, is suitable for adults who suffer from profound hearing loss. It's a BTE device with a sound tube. The Naída impresses with new hardware and the integration of AutoSense OS. In addition, this model also offers universal connectivity as well as customization of your hearing experience.

For unilateral deafness

Phonak's CROS P hearing aid is the ideal solution for people with unilateral deafness. With the CROS P, two hearing aids are used - one is equipped with a microphone, the other with a receiver. The device makes it easier for you to hear throughout the room without having to position your 'good ear' towards the speaker. The CROS P automatically adjusts its settings to the given situation, providing you with better, more focused and clearer speech perception.

Additional Devices and Accessories from Phonak

Besides choosing from numerous Phonak hearing aids, you can also expect a wide range of useful accessories. These include, for example, the Roger Touchscreen Mic - a microphone that hangs around the neck and transmits the speaker's voice directly to a listener's hearing aids. Other Phonak accessories include:

Roger Select - Place this microphone in the middle of the table to better follow group conversations in noisy environments. It allows you to choose which conversation you want to listen to.

Roger Clip-on Mic - This additional microphone clips onto a speaker to give you better speech understanding.

Phonak TV Connector - Stream audio from your TV directly through your hearing aids using the TV Connector.

These special accessories provide support in challenging listening situations. This might be listening to a speaker from a distance, e.g. in lectures or talks, where the Roger Pen can assist. To transmit the sound of your TV or other audio signals directly to your hearing aid, you'll need the Phonak TV Connector. For almost every hearing situation, there is a suitable additional accessory to make your everyday life easier. Please take a look at the individual product pages to find out more about the function and field of application of the respective products.

Phonak Hearing Aids Cost

Phonak Hearing Aids cost between $600 and $2,490 per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Phonak Hearing Aid Price List 2022