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 “If I take them to the construction site where will they sleep? What will they eat? What if they get hurt being around all the building material? I would keep shuddering thinking of the accidents that could happen to my girls,” says Pooja who along with her daughters and husband Mangal travelled 1,100 kms at the peak of the pandemic, from Bihar to a construction site in Gurugram desperately searching for work. 

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Pooja found a means to earn income and support her family only after Mobile Creches came to her rescue and provided her two kids with a safe shelter, food and daily care. “I visit my girls during lunchtime, and also to breastfeed the younger one. Thanks to this creche, I can now earn some money and give my family a better life,” smiles Pooja.

But Mobile Creches is now faced with a severe crunch in funds and without your help they will struggle to help thousands of construction worker parents like Pooja and Mangal who are forced to make their children live at hazardous building sites. 

Caring for children while their parents construct our homes

"Working mothers have to leave their 15-day-old babies alone at home to go out and work for survival. No work means they don't eat and can't feed their babies. Children of construction workers move with their families to construction sites and are unsupervised for most of the day, while their parents are out working. These children are exposed to dangerous accidents, child deaths and sexual abuse at the labour camps. This makes care for children at the building site a fundamental requirement," explains Sumitra Mishra, Executive Director, Mobile Creches.

Mobile Creches - A safe haven for children living on dangerous construction sites

"Children spend eight hours a day at our creches, six days a week. Here, their creche didis shower them with love, cradle them, play with them, teach and feed them, take care of their fever, cough and cold. The children get all that is essential to feel safe and loved at our creches," shares Sumitra.

Mobile Creches provides safe and secure spaces at construction sites where workers' children receive nutritious food, quality education, health care and protection. More than 600 children - from babies in arms to teenagers, who would otherwise be left to roam around accident-prone building sites all day, currently attend these creches, assured that they will be fed meals on time, learn new lessons, play games with other creche mates, be nurtured through illness, and cared for everyday.

Help provide safe spaces for children of construction site workers

"We spend sleepless nights thinking where the next set of funds for Mobile Creches will come from. We've made a promise to care for these children and to run these centers. Mobile Creches needs your help so that our children have these safe places to come to. Please come forward and help us," appeals Sumitra. Every rupee we contribute will bring Mobile Creches one step closer to saving children living at construction sites from malnutrition, abuse and accidents.

Support Mobile Creches generously so children of construction workers get a fair chance to live a normal childhood. They deserve a safe space with food, education and health care, while their parents work hard to construct the homes and offices of our dreams. Donate now.