Hear Better Louder And Clearer Sound. Sounds Are Transmitted Via The Microphone And Amplified Using State-Of-The-Art Sound Processing For Clearer Hearing.;Superb Wearing Comfort A Pleasant-To-Wear Sensation. Thanks To Their Super-Soft Silicone Material And Ergonomic Shape, The Click Sleeves Sit Perfectly In Your Ear And Provide A High Level Of Wearing Comfort

Simple To Insert And Remove. Handy Removal Cord. Discreet Yet Convenient, The Removal Cord Lets You Easily Remove The Hearing Aids From Your Ear

Changing Batteries Battery Housing. Easy To Open So You Can Quickly And Simply Exchange The Standard Battery.

Color – Cream

2 years Manfecturer warranty, stamp and signed warrany card with the hearing aid.


Take hearing to a new level Easy to fit in just a few minutes with the convenient Mobile Fitting App, Run is ideal for on-the-spot fittings. The two BTE Run P/SP models offer different levels of amplification and make Run suitable for mild to severe and even profound hearing loss. Incredibly comfortable thanks to its ergonomic shape, Run delivers an outstanding hearing experience that’s convenient and easy to use. Run offer’s its users a solution that fits all their hearing needs. Fit Run with the smartphone app. The comprehensive solution for mobile fittings. Quick, simple, convenient, the new smartphone app makes fitting Run hearing amplifier a snap: Six preconfigured sound profiles let you select the optimal hearing settings for your customer. The appropriate profile is selected once, dependent on the level of the patient’s hearing loss, and then remains the same, regardless of the hearing situation. 

FAQ and medical information sections in the app provide useful tips and hints, 

for example about what to look out for when making specific adjustments at each step. A self-explanatory menu in the app leads you through the process step by step, similar to that shown in the Image Menu-driven, quick, convenient: This professional app makes fitting Run as easy as 1, 2, 3.