Signia Lotus Run Click Cic Small Digital, 8 Channels


Signia Lotus Run Click-Cic-Left Small Digital, 8 Channels

Hear better 

(1) louder and clearer sound. Sounds are transmitted via the microphone and amplified using state-of-the-art sound processing for clearer hearing

Superb wearing comfort 

(2) a pleasant-to-wear sensation. Thanks to their super-soft silicone material and ergonomic shape, the clic sleeves sit perfectly in your ear and provide a high level of wearing comfort

Simple to insert and remove. 

(3) handy removal cord. Discreet yet convenient, the removal cord lets you easily remove the hearing aids from your ear

Changing batteries 

(4) battery housing. Easy to open so you can quickly and simply exchange the standard battery. Downloads

Product description

Run-because life is made for sharing. The run hearing instruments provide an outstanding hearing experience all day long. With their ingenious, interchangeable, super-soft sleeves that simply on the instrument, the in-the-ear, models fit beautifully and in seconds. Whatever the situation, you can be sure run hearing aids will provide superb sound quality. Add a magic sparkle to your life. The peaceful trickling of a woodland stream, the sounds of a baby chuckling or the subtle punchline of a friend's joke - life is full of delights that bring smiles to our faces. With the run hearing instruments from signia, you can enjoy every one of them to the full. Because when it comes to sharing magical moments, with the run, you're in good company. Great for every conversation, whoever it's with. At home, whether it's quiet or the kids are running around. In crowded, very noisy environments, such as restaurants or marketplaces.