Signia Hearing Aid Machine Lotus Run S BTE

Signia Hearing Aid Machine Lotus Run S BTE

 (1) Directional microphones

Optimized placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance.

(2) Rocker switch

For volume adjustments.

(3) Battery compartment

For size 312 battery in Run S.

(4) Earhook

Ergonomically formed for greater comfort and a high degree of amplification.

(5) Rugged and robust

Run has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments – for greater reliability.

(6) Comfort Coupling

This simple and reliable kind of sound transmission ensures optimum amplification for all levels of hearing loss.


  • Fixed Directionality 
  • Speech and Noise Management
  • Feedback Cancellation

Convenient and easy to use, the new Run hearing aids are available in two powerful behind-the-ear models for wearers with higher amplification needs. Light and incredibly comfortable, they sit unobtrusively behind the ear for an outstanding hearing experience all day long. Whatever the situation, you can be sure they will deliver superb sound quality.


Focus on what is really important.

Run’s directional microphones pick up the sounds that will be amplified. They focus on sound coming from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions. This way, they let you fully concentrate on your talks, chats and conversations, not on hearing.


All options at your fingertips.

Conveniently positioned and easy to use, the rocker switch lets you adjust the volume of your hearing aids quickly and simply for complete comfort.


Your powerful connection to life.

Ideal for wearers with severe hearing loss, the transparent ear hook provides a high level of amplification. The length of the

tube can be trimmed to fit you precisely which, combined with a range of tip sizes, makes Run highly comfortable to wear.


Rugged, robust and reliable.

Run’s housings are trialed and tested in the most challenging environments and are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt to keep out the rigors of everyday life.


High comfort meets full convenience.

Thanks to their sleek, ergonomic shape, Run’s housings provide a highly comfortable fit behind your ear. And for extra convenience, the hearing aids are.

Sivantos is presenting a completely new product portfolio for basic aid with Signia Lotus. It consists of the four hearing aid families Lotus Prompt, Lotus Run, Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast. They are specifically aimed at emerging markets in which hard of hearing people have limited or no access to a hearing care professional due to a lack of infrastructure and/or cost absorption. To tackle this problem, Lotus Run, Fun and Fast can be fitted by trained personnel from the health sector without special software. Lotus Prompt allows hearing care professionals to meet the varied requirements of people with hearing loss but limited financial resources.