Oticon More - AI-Powered Natural Sound


What's Included

2 hearing aids

Charger, or 1 year supply of batteries

Free appointments for the first year

3 year factory warranty

Face-to-face, in-person fitting and programmingax


Oticon More hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled and rechargeable. Oticon More hearing aids now offer fully hands-free calling on iPhone, meaning you can take a phone call through your hearing aids without your phone in hand. If you use an Android phone, you can listen to a phone call through your hearing aids but will need to hold the phone up to capture your voice. 

Oticon has leading artificial intelligence features that analyze your setting and match it to one of 12 million soundscapes. The Oticon app allows for volume and setting control and enables remote audiology visits after your initial fitting. You can also use the Oticon app to turn your phone into a remote microphone. 

Oticon More hearing aids are offered in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. The rechargeable model gives 16-22 hours of power with three hours of charge, and a 30-minute quick charge provides an additional six hours of power. Oticon More hearing aids come with a travel case that carries additional cordless charges.

Oticon More was released in January 2021 and has since become one of the most popular hearing aids in the world. This hearing aid is rechargeable offers hands-free calling via iPhone and audio streaming via Android. What makes the Oticon special is the way the hearing aids handle sound. While most hearing aids suppress background noises and prioritize only voice, Oticon More gives the brain a more natural, full sound landscape. Oticon used a 360 spherical microphone to capture sounds from 12 million real-life situations to achieve this new approach. They used that sound to train the computer inside their hearing aids. 

Oticon More 1 is the top-end option from the brand with the most precision in sound processing. More 1 offers 64 sound channels vs. 48 from More 2 and More 3. Oticon More 1 also offers more customization in background noise.