Signia Motion Sp 1px 16 Channels BTE Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

Signia Motion Sp 1px 16 Channels BTE Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

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Super powered, compact and fully featured. With the new Motion SP the latest technological advancements become available to patients with severe to profound hearing loss in a compact housing with a much improved fitting range. primax technology delivers the best speech comprehension in very noisy environments, often the most difficult challenge when taking part in social occasions. Motion SP 1px is a compelling choice for patients with profound hearing loss. Signia primax takes connectivity, speech comprehension and performance to the next level with technologies like SPEECH full wireless support with our apps and accessories. Direct audio input via the optional audio shoe and easy-to-reach controls on the device cater to the wearers typical requirements in this class.

Questions and Answers

Q:Is this product for left or right ear?

Ans- Yes

Q:How can use this aid in the home without any audiologist and how can adjust volume please say something about this product i don't want to go any hospital my right ear profound loss how can possible

Ans - we can tune it for you. rest assured you will like it. Just share audiogram in seller chat feature

Q:Need any programming in this aid before using

Ans - Yes. we will tune is as per your audiogram. suitable to severe to profound loss