Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Hearing Aids Dry Kit


Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Hearing Aids Dry Kit

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1.Item Name:Hearing aid drying jar+ drying capsule



4. Weight:42.3g/pc + 30g/pc(capsule).


1. This hearing aid drying jar can be reused many times. It is portable and large enough for 2 hearing aids or ear-molds.

2. Ideal for the time when you are not convenient to use an electronic dry store system.

3. Since it requires no electricity, take this drying jar to the pool or beach, even camping or short trips -- the waterproof jar offers protection from the elements while refreshing hearing devices.

Item include:

  • One drying jar + One drying pallet


1. Please take out the battery before you use it.

2. Do not swallow the capsule.

  • Do not break the capsule.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

3. The color of drying tablet will turn from orange to transparent when it absorb the moisture. When the color becomes transparent you should change a new tablet.

  • Hearing aid drying kit - including one drying jar and one piece of drying capsule.
  • Easy to use - just put your hearing aids and desiccant in this dehumidifier at night to remove harmful moisture.
  • Works with any ITE (in the ear) or BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid or ear mold.
  • This is a low cost, effective solution to caring for your hearing aids or other hearing devices.
  • Be sure to keep the top closed at all times so the desiccant doesn't prematurely fill with moisture.