Digital hearing aids In Aurangabad 9657 588 677

Digital hearing aids In Aurangabad 9657 588 677

Best Hearing Aids in Ahmednagar & Aurangabad

Quality Hearing Care, a renowned hearing health clinic in Ahmednagar & Aurangabad, came into existence around 7+ years ago, when the founder had to struggle on a personal level and could not receive a satisfactory solution. Even today, the solution provided to any medical condition revolves around the biomedical model only. We have a wide range of hearing aids in Ahmednagar & Aurangabad with top brands like Signia Phonak, Resound, Widex, Vibe, etc. Unfortunately, when a person is suffering from a chronic condition like hearing loss, it is complicated to treat them solely based on the biomedical model because it does not consider personal preferences and needs. And, unlike other health issues, patients with the same severity or the same diagnosis may have varied expectations while suffering from hearing loss in terms of treatment options and overall case management.

At Vr Speech And Hearing Aid Clinic, Ahmednagar & Aurangabad, we work with a person-centric /family-centric approach. Professionals connected to curate such services here have imbibed these principals in helping people suffering from hearing loss regardless of their age bracket or any other barriers. It is a fact that a chronic condition like hearing loss affects a person suffering from it and their loved ones equally. It so happens that others could observe the symptoms and developments even better than the person itself. The family’s involvement in prognosis can drastically help to improve the patient’s quality of life. We continuously strive to make a significant difference in patients’ quality of life who came to us for assistance. Our approach has helped us to be recognized amongst India’s leading hearing care centers. Besides using a psychosocial model in our work, we have also meticulously incorporated all the diagnosis protocols required to arrive at a critical understanding of an individual’s amplification needs. Because each hearing problem is like a fingerprint, they are all unique. Our string of tests involves an audiometry speech test in noise, a quiet and short working memory test. These help us to gauge the benefit of proposed amplification.

We use real-ear measurement to fit hearing aids. It provides an excellent result as it takes into consideration individual ear canal differences providing a highly personalized solution. Over the years, hearing aid technology has advanced rapidly. From the bulky and huge hearing aids models to aesthetically designed minimal sized hearing aid with Bluetooth and other technologies incorporated, hearing aids has evolved to a great extent to meet the current time’s need. Whether you have a spending limit or want to take the best hearing aids of technology and functionalities, it is available starting from Rs. 10 k a piece for entry-level to as high as Rs. 300k per piece for high-end customized models.

Taking Care Of Your Hearing Health

Investing some time and effort in taking care of your hearing health is quintessential. Just like you visit your dentist, ophthalmologist and general physician, visiting an audiologist hold equal prominence. Your hearing health is not something to ignore. According to a study by the Public Hearing Institute, hearing impairment affects one out of five people over the age of 60! Cutting across age, gender, economic strata and location – hearing loss is a highly unnoticed and unaddressed medical condition. But it shouldn’t be so!

Untreated hearing loss can have major impact on your life. With a declining hearing, you strain yourself for hearing conversations. As a result, you miss out on information. This makes your life all the more stressful and challenging.

It’s more than just hearing!