Best Top 10 Hearing Aid Brands available in India (2022)


Surveys show that a many people who’re advised hearing aids don’t use them. And that’s why today I have listed some of the best hearing aid brands that is available in India. But, before we move ahead, it’s important to know what is the reason for this trend? Why would people disregard a medical device, especially when it concerns one of the five senses? Surveys of these people reveal three reasons, namely, general price, reliability, and uncertainty. However, they should not worry. Several premium Hearing Aid Brands put all the above concerns at rest.

The brands that we discuss below have been picked based on the opinions of experts and feedback of users. However, people should seek professional recommendation ahead of opting for any of the brands.

As users and specialists have vouched for these brands, you can be certain about their quality. While a model of any of these brands may have a problem, the problem does not apply to all models. And while the models of these Brands will be expensive you can always opt for a cheaper model.

Before starting with the brands let us talk a bit about the pricing of hearing aids. The cost quote for a hearing aid include sits testing and fitting and the counseling of patients. Some professionals include their services in the product price and some separate the product price from their services.

Now, we will start with the best hearing aid brands in India:

1) Widex

This Danish company hit the market in 1956. The company has always strived to improve their products by the use of the most advanced technology. A couple of their models that deserve mention are Evoke and Unique.

Evoke is characterized by a Fluid Sound Analyzer that identifies with the environment of the user and acts accordingly. Widex states that the device remembers the changes that a user makes and applies them in similar situations. It’s fairly expensive at $3,000.

Unique suits all active lifestyles. Its excellent noise reduction system maintains sound clarity inthe most turbulent climate. It adapts to the listening situation of the user to helps him hear what is most important. It’s somewhat costlier than Evoke at $3,300.

2) Phonak

Given the importance of Hearing health to people, Phonak has made several economical and steadfast hearing aids. Its panel of audiologists utilizes the most advanced technology for the best hearing experience.

“Lyric” is a unique hearing aid of the company. It’s embedded in the ear canal. It’s invisible and features an extended battery life. The latter feature suits people who have active lifestyles. The only restriction that they face is that only a professional can change the battery. This model is also conspicuous by its subscription model of $160 a month.

Another one is Marvel and it blends all the cool features of the previous models of the company. Some of the features arecrystal clear sound, a rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth capabilities. It has received several excellent customer reviews.

3) Signia

Werner von Siemens, presently Siemens, found out that amplification of voice signals is possible via electrical means in 1878. Now, Sivantos is the owner of Signia.

The Styletto Connect model is a very stylish hearing aid. It hasa portable charger and Bluetooth connectivity. The fact that it’s compatible with the myHearing App let users get in touch with hearing care professional for help.

The Pure Charge&Go Nx model is very popular due to its wireless charging and OVP. The advantage of wireless charging is that users can charge the device by placing it on an inductive charger. OVP helps users make their voice natural.

The cost of $1,300 to $1,700 that is approx INR 1 Lakh.


Siemens is among the trendiest brands in the hearing sound industry and a hallmark of quality and reliability. The products of the company include BTE and ITE devices. Several authorized HCCs of the company across India offer premium hearing health care services and instruments. Every HCC has a panel of ENT specialists, audiologists, and GPs. They do a thorough examination of the hearing disability of clients and prescribe hearing devices that suit them. The average cost of the company’s hearing Aids in India is Rs. 13,000

5) Oticon

Oticon is a veteran company is the hearing aid industry. The mission of the company is natural communication and active participation of people.While there’re older models the Oticon Opn Play and Oticon Opn S are the recent models that deserve mention.

Opn S’somni directional hearing offers a more natural sound than device sthat absorb sounds of where the users are looking.Users can connect it to all compatible devices and use it as a headset when they are not attending a phone call. It’s pricey at $3,000.

The Opn Play is tailor-made for children. It comes in several “hip” colors. It can withstand water, dust, and rough use. It also has a very useful attachment called “AmigoFM.” Teachers can use it to stream their lecture straight to the child.

6) Sonic

A US-based maker, Sonic is driven by an urge to enhance hearing for improving lives. The products of the company offer natural sound and crystal clear speeches, are user-friendly,and have stylish designs.

All models of the company facilitate an active lifestyle. Pep is perfect for first-time users who’ve basic hearing needs. Several people live in less demanding listening environments. Case in points is those residing in assisted-living centers who just require something for enjoying their television shows. Pep is perfect for such folks. This is the model for easing patients into technology and augmentation. The remote control helps users control their device.

Charm is a more developed device with wireless connectivity besides a rich and natural sound.

7) ReSound

This Danish company is always in the pursuit of better solutions for nurturing more active and satisfying lives. Its models are examples of pioneering technologies in the hearing aid industry.

The company has made several breakthroughs in hearing technology. One is Digital Feedback Suppression for removing distorted buzzing sounds. Another is the adding of vents for a more natural sound.

The hearing aids of the company have several styles and technologies for suiting all users.A few of the trendy devices are Linx 3D, Linx2, Enzo 3D, and Enya.

The linx Quattro has the most updated features set. Two of them are adjustable conditionality and tracking of noise and wind. This model is priced high at $2,740,

Enya 4 is among the most economical hearing aids available. Its premium sound quality and low price of $1,500 are great for starters.

8) Starkey

This US Company made the scene in 1967. An amount of money from the Starkey models sold goes to providing hearing aids to needy people worldwide.Starkey’s models feature various channels and frequencies for facilitating listening in various settings.The basic models of Starkey are very economical. Two of its costliest models are Livio 2400 and Picasso i2400.

Both the models can connect tosmart phones and have imposing battery lives of three days to a couple of weeks.

These models cost approximately Rs 7,500

9) AM

AM strives to provide hearing solutions for helping people lead a normal and active life. The company concentrates on tested digital hearing aids that are also user-friendly.

AM has two product lines, namely, XTM and STF

The company offers some of the cheapest models

The models have the finest in noise management technology

They are comfortable to wear

The models help in hearing loss of 100 dB

The Smart Connect feature lets users connect the ear device with TV and more devices. They can connect using a remote control that’s so small that users can fit it into a key ring.

10) Unitron

The owner of the company is the owner of Phonak as well. Since 1964,Unitron has met the hearing requirements of the people with digital hearing aids that have comprehensive features.

The BTEs of the company are very good. They can be connected with a bigger amplifier and a bigger battery. So, they suit people with severe hearing loss and people on the go. They sound natural as they don’t cover the ear canal.


In spite of a large number of brands of hearing aids that are available in the market choosing the right one is not easy. There are several things to consider. However, if you are buying a product of any of the brands above you can be certain of a fair deal.