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 All your clients' needs, all together

Simpler all round, more convenient for all, the Signia app combines all Signia’s existing apps into one unified environment for all the user’s needs. And because it includes the Signia Assistant and TeleCare, it integrates seamlessly into your fitting process, making it easier for your customers to get instant support when needed and to stay in touch with you when they are away from your premises. The result is a faster, more precise fitting process – streamlining your work, satisfying your customer.

A more personal world for all

With the new Signia app, you can provide your customers with more direct, more individual support and tailor their hearing aids to their personal requirements.

Providing your clients with all the usability they’ve come to expect from smartphone apps couldn’t be simpler. The Signia app integrates all the functionalities of the previous apps, including connectivity, remote control, the Signia Assistant and TeleCare and TeleCare into one unified app.

Users can discreetly control their devices while streaming their favorite music and TV programs directly into their ears as well, while TeleCare lets you stay closer to them and provide help, even when they’re on the go. Everything in one place for greater convenience and ease of use.

Furthermore, thanks to the Signia app’s completely new and modern user interface, your customers will enjoy easy handling and usability.

The new and revolutionary Signia Assistant

Your smart solution for more satisfied customers

Via the Signia app on your clients’ smartphone the revolutionary artificial intelligence of Signia Assistant supports them 24/7 in the form of intuitive text-based dialogue. Easy to learn, it offers tailored sound adjustments when needed and how-to videos to answers handling questions. All they need is their Signia Xperience hearing aids and the app.

After using the Signia Assistant and experiencing its benefits, 8 out of 10 people would recommend trying hearing aids with the Signia Assistant to a friend. Only Signia offers such a comprehensive and convincing solution, making Signia Assistant a great differentiator for your business.¹

Signia Assistant:

                                                                           Tailored sound adjustments

Answers to handling questions and solutions to minor issues

Support 24/7

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