Axon F 18 Pocket Model Hearing Aid

The in-ear hearing aids are not a suitable choice for everyone. In many cases, the added weight of a completely in-ear hearing aid is not sustainable for elderly people. Also, it is possible that a full-sized hearing aid might not fit in your ears due to compact ear canals.

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In such a case, the Axon F 18 Pocket Model Hearing Aid will be a worthwhile choice for you. This hearing aid comes in two parts that include an ear tip that goes in the ear and the external unit which has the mic and amplifier.

Even though it is quite larger in size compared to other options, it has a sleek design and the external unit is compact enough to fit in your pocket. Also, the external unit makes it easier to control the parameters like on/off and sound controls as you can hold the unit in front of you rather than guessing the positions near your ear. Instead of being powered by a button cell, the Axon F 18 Pocket Model Hearing Aid is powered by regular AA batteries that are easily available on the market.

Best Features

  • Alternative for those who cannot use an in-ear hearing aid
  • Comes in 2 parts
  • Includes small in-ear unit and an external unit
  • Sleek design
  • The external unit is small enough to fit in a pocket
  • Controls are easy
  • Powered by A batteries
  • Pros

A great option for those who need an external unit

Batteries are available everywhere

High-quality device


External unit can get damaged if dropped