Why should I buy hearing aids from a hearing professional?

It's important to see someone who specializes in hearing issues, such as an audiologist, an ENT doctor or a hearing aid specialist.

Just as every person is unique, every hearing loss and hearing need is unique, too. Hearing aids are delicate instruments that must be prescribed and fitted to each patient's precise hearing loss and ear canal shape. To ensure you get a solution that's custom-fit to your precise needs and lifestyle, it's always recommended that you consult with a hearing healthcare professional. These trained experts have the experience and technology needed to precisely diagnose and measure your degree of hearing loss, then prescribe and administer a solution personalized for you — including providing ongoing support and care.

Although there are many low-cost hearing devices available online or at warehouse stores, they are not true hearing aids. They simply make everything louder (including background noise). Buying hearing aids from a professional ensures a better listening experience with technology that's right for you, and establishes a relationship for adjustments and follow-up care over time.