Troubleshooting Hearing Aid Issues

 How to Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Problems

Experiencing a problem?

Even though you are familiar with your hearing aid, you may face some problems in daily use. Here are some tips and tricks for common problems:

Hearing aid troubleshooting

Despite proper care, you may still experience issues with your hearing aids.

Troubleshoot some of the most common hearing aid problems.

Other tips

Keep your hearing aid clean and dry:

  • Never immerse hearing aids in water or other liquids or wear while showering, swimming, in heavy rain or in a moist atmosphere such as a steam bath or sauna.
  • Leave wet hearing aids to dry with the battery out and the battery door open.
  • Put the hearing aid and battery in a sealed container together with a drying agent (dessicator) overnight. Don’t use the hearing aids until completely dry.
  • Don’t leave your hearing aids in or near direct heat or sunlight.
  • Avoid rough handling of hearing aids or dropping them on hard surfaces or floors.
  • Read the instructions for your hearing aids or contact your hearing care provider for additional hearing aid maintenance instructions.