Four Things You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids in India

Your first time buying hearing aids can be quite traumatic. That’s because you are new to the technology and may not understand all the intricacies of hearing aids. Maybe you’re not even convinced you need hearing aids, but your better half is pushing your buttons hard and you are arguing more than usual.

Many of our clients begin their purchasing journey not even knowing what they need to know before buying hearing aids. We don’t mind if they have loads of questions to ask. Some of us have been in that place ourselves, and we understand the dilemma they are in.

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We don’t like to pressure our clients into purchasing hearing aids from us. Many of our customers are pensioners, or approaching retirement age. They know they need to consider their purchases carefully, because their money has to last their lifetime.

Purchasing hearings aids is a big decision and there are some scary prices out there. We’ll help you understand what you should know before buying hearing aids, and whether you need hearing aids in the first place.

How Do I Know If I Need Hearing Aids & Is There a Test?

Sure you can pop by a hearing aid store in a shopping mall, and ask the question to them. They’ll be delighted to offer you a free hearing aid test when they discover it’s your first time buying hearing aids.  And they will be double delighted if you are over fifty because your hearing declines as your body grows older.

However, you could run a risk by innocently asking them ‘do I need hearing aids’. That’s because a free test creates a sense of obligation. You could walk out that store with $5,000 worth of hearing aids if you don’t watch your step. Did you know you could purchase something similar from us for just under $200?

You can keep away from making rash decisions by completing a free online hearing quiz no obligation from U.S. National Institute on Deafness, by following the link below. And they don’t sell hearing aids in case you were wondering.

However, you don’t know enough to make a rational purchasing decision yet. There are 4 things you should know before buying hearing aids from anybody, including Vr Clinic. That’s because we don’t just sell quality hearing aids, we deliver hearing solutions.

The 4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids


- There are three main reasons why many some people have defective hearing.

- They may come into the world with a genetic defect

- They may suffer hearing loss from disease or trauma

- Their hearing may gradually deteriorate as they age

Age-related hearing loss is the commonest cause of impaired hearing in the United States. A third of Americans between 65 and 75 have the condition. Beyond that age, they have a 50% chance. This is all down to their physical hearing system becoming less sensitive.

There are two ways to address this situation. We can ask people to shout louder, or we can use a hearing aid to amplify the sound. Hearing aids don’t completely restoring hearing any more than a walking stick will make you walk like you’re young again.


New clients buying hearing aids for the first time often believe they need to pay $4,000 each for a ‘decent hearing aid’. We agree there are reasons Ferraris should cost more than Chevrolet Sparks because of vast differences in driving experiences. However, we think Sparks and Mitsubishi Mirages should be in a similar price range because their offerings are comparable.

One of the most important things you should know before buying hearing aids is their performance does not always relate to how much you pay. We have done numerous comparisons. Our thousands of satisfied customers tell us our $200 hearing aid pairs are similar to those costing $4,000 each.


Hearing aids are sophisticated devices that need simple, daily attention. This is not something the average store clerk will tell you when you ask do I need hearings aids, can they help. Your new hearing aids will need recharging regularly overnight, or get new batteries when they start dropping hints.

It’s extremely important to ensure their amplified sound flows freely down to the air drum. This is a simple matter of ensuring ear wax does not get in the way, and that they fit snugly in the ear canal.


Many of our customers had far more expensive hearing aids before they came to us. That’s because they did not understand the technology, and it was the first time they were buying hearing aids.

Most hearing aid retailers make expensive ear buds that fit deep in the canal. However, there’s a catch because these start fitting badly as the ear canal continues to age.

Vr Clinic Hearing supplies three different-size earbuds with each hearing aid, so one always fits comfortably and seals properly. Many folk still can’t believe what they get for under 14000 from India, until their brand new pair of hearing aids arrives in the mail.