There are many causes of hearing loss can occur, some of the more common reasons why are listed below:

The natural aging process (permanent sensorineural hearing loss);

A genetic predisposition that can start at birth or later on in life;

Middle-ear infections;

Exposure to damaging noise;

Head injuries & operation traumas;

Exposure to certain chemicals and medications that damage hearing cells in the cochlea (permanent sensorineural hearing loss);

Use of certain medications that can damage the ears.

Exposure to damaging noise (work noise, leisure noise) resulting in a noise injury to the cochlea;

A head injury, trauma or operation (temporary or permanent conductive, sensorineural or mixed hearing loss);

Your brain having difficulty in understanding what your ears hear such as an Auditory Processing Disorder; and

A combination of the above. For example, if you acquire a hearing loss due to exposure to harmful noise, this will be added to the hearing loss that develops as you get old.