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 Free Hearing Test Camp for Seniors in Ahmednagar

Let our audiology experts assess the extent of your hearing loss

If you or a loved one has been experiencing hearing loss, ringing in the ears, or other difficulties in understanding speech, let us provide you with a FREE AUDIOMETRY HEARING TEST followed by a no-obligation hearing-aid consultation by an RCI certified professional.


Why would I Need a Hearing Test

Some people may suspect that they have hearing loss. They have trouble hearing people talk to them when they’re in a crowded room, or they’ve been told they raise the volume on the TV way too high.

But not all people know that they have a problem. You may not realize that you have hearing loss, because it’s often a gradual process. That’s why it’s important to have your ears checked when your doctor says you should, even if you think you’re fine.

What are the Common Causes of Hearing Loss?

There are many causes of hearing loss in adults:

  • Old age related hearing issues
  • Being around loud noises often at work
  • Mowing the lawn or using power tools
  • Shooting guns or other weapons
  • Loud music, both live and recorded
  • Too much ear wax
  • Getting hit on the head
  • Having an infection
  • Taking certain drugs
  • Problems with hearing that run in the family


Absolutely! For a nominal fee, our RCI certified audiologists can come to you home and conduct your hearing evaluation followed by a no-obligation consultation on the best hearing aid solution for your specific needs.

Our audiologists have been specially trained to ensure that tests are conducted while adhering to Covid safety protocols.