Your Journey to Better Hearing Aid

Your Journey to Better Hearing

The Hearing Center was founded and is owned by Joy and Chris Glen on the profound belief that your life is worth hearing.  From the moment you walk into our offices at Bridgewater Falls Lifestyle Center you will be immersed in our collaborative approach to better hearing.  You will be greeted by Kathy, our Patient Care Coordinator, who will treat you and your loved one as a member of our family.  Choose from coffee or water and freshly baked cookies as you watch our educational video on hearing loss directly streamed to assisted listening devices that Kathy will provide you.

You and your loved ones will next be guided to our state of the art testing suite where an inclusive and non-invasive evaluation of your hearing will be completed.  It is our commitment to you that you will understand completely each step in this process and how it helps us understand your hearing challenges. 

After a thorough explanation and interpretation of these results is provided to you and your loved ones by one our licensed hearing health care Practitioners, you will be guided to our listening suite where the benefits of amplification can be demonstrated in a multitude of simulated environments using the cherished voices of those you most want to hear.

Empowered with an understanding of your hearing loss and the impact it has upon the quality of the life you want to live, we can discuss the solutions that can best accommodate the person you are.  We will make sure that we understand your lifestyle needs and so that we can prescribe a customized hearing treatment plan that best meets your unique needs. 

Together we will walk through the selection and fitting of your hearing aids.  We will then discuss the strategies, in addition to amplification, to best ensure your success.  We offer hearing aids for every lifestyle and budget. Our licensed hearing health care Practitioners will work with you to choose the instrument that best fits your hearing needs. 

Once you have been fit with amplification, we will adjust, service, and repair your hearing devices because your investment is as important to us as it is to you.  Together we will achieve The Hearing Center’s only goal of you hearing life again…because your life is worth hearing!   

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