The External Ear | The Human Ear is Divided into Three Parts

The Human Ear is Divided into Three Parts

The External Ear

The external or outer ear's the outer most portion of the ear that consist of two parts normally

The pinna the Agricole and ear canal or the external auditory canal 

  1. It is that parts of the ear wich we come see from outside
  2. The pinna is conical shaped structure and is attached to the head on ether side on angle of 20 degree to 40 degree
  3. The pinna has various portion that include lelix anti-helix tragus concha and lable
  4. The concha in the deeper portion in the center while the lobes is the  in the softest lower portion wich has an
  5. The entire pinna is mode up of an elastic cartilaginous structure and it has no bones the blood and nerve supply keep the pinna live and active
  6. The external auditory canal is "s" shaped tube that opens at the pinna but closed inside by tympanic membrane or the ear drum
  7. an adult human auditory canal measure's about 2cc
  8. The outer two third portion of the ear canal is cartilaginous on while the inner one third portion is bony
  9. The entire canal is lined with skin or epithelial cells
  10. Outer portion of the ear canal also has hair follicles on the skin
  11. one both the side of the external audiotory canal a pair of glands namely ceremonius and sebaceous glands present
  12. Ceremonious glands secrete wax or cerumen which protects the delicate and vital structure of middle ear and inner ear from dusts and germs
  13. Sebaceous gland secrete a substance called "sebum" Which acts as lubricating agent helps in smooth transmission of sound waves from the external ear into the middle ear the blood and Norv supply helps the ear canal to carry out its functional is smooth and appropriate manner 

The Human Ear is Divided into Three Parts

Outer Ear
Middle Ear
Inner Ear