Testing For Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Should Be Tested At Birth And At Regular Intervals

  • Every child should have a hearing assessment soon after birth. Early identification and intervention is crucial for language development.
  • Every adult who is consistently exposed to high noise levels should have regular hearing assessments.
  • Every individual should undergo a hearing assessment to detect, intervene and help preserve communication and listening skills.

Hearing Test And Audiogram

  • If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, make an appointment with a Hearing Care Professional to have a hearing test.
  • After the age of 50, a regular hearing test should be a part of your annual health check-up.
  • Hearing test is easy, comfortable and safe.
  • Your ability to hear the volume of each tone (frequency),produces a unique pattern which is recorded as an audiogram.
  • The audiogram is used to determine the type and degree of the hearing loss. The results determine if the hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing instruments.
  • Based on the audio audiometry results a suitable hearing instrument be advised by the Hearing Care Professional.