Hearing aid In Beed, Maharashtra

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids use the latest cutting edge technology and are custom made to fit completely into your ear canal - so no one will ever know you're wearing them. Invisible hearing aids are perfect for users looking for an ultra-discreet hearing solution.

Behind the ear
Housed in a small curved case that fits discreetly behind the ear, BTE hearing aids are connected via a clear, thin tube to a custom made ear mould for a perfect fit. With easy-to-access controls BTE aids are ideal for users with dexterity problems.

In the ear
In the ear hearing aids are completely contained in a custom-moulded casing that fits into the ear. Although they can be visible within the ear, ITE hearing aids are easy to handle and have easy-to-access controls.

CROS systems
Discover the high performance sound solutions that are available to you if your hearing loss only affects one ear. Single sided deafness is a common type of hearing loss but with this type of hearing solution it enables you to continue to hear the world around you from both sides.

Digital hearing aids
Today's digital hearing aids are very small and discreet and contain a microchip - a miniature computer that helps us fine tune and completely customise your hearing solution to your individual requirements - allowing you to lead and more enriched life. This means having a conversation in a busy or ...

Bluetooth hearing aids
Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity allow you to stay connected to a number of electronic devices, including phones, televisions and tablets’, so keeping in touch with family and friends is easy. Read More Click