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Recreating listening experiences that allow you to fully immerse yourself into the world around you is an important step into how your life could be further enriched. With our free trial* service, you can experiment with the listening environments you struggle with the most in your own time and at your own leisure.

Our Audiologists want to be able to understand how you hear today, what you feel you’re missing, what your expectations are for the future of your hearing so that they can use their expert knowledge and experience to customize your digital hearing aid for free, giving you the opportunity to rediscover all those sounds you’ve been missing out on. We’ll be on hand throughout your free trial* to make any changes or adjustments to ensure you experience sound at the highest quality giving you the more confidence to go out and reconnect with the world and provide you regular support to ensure you’re happy.

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* Free digital hearing aid trial available. Free Trial offer subject to a full hearing test completed by VR SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC, with hearing loss identified by our Hearing Aid Audiologist.