Widex Evoke 440 CIC Micro (IIC) Hearing Aid review

Widex Evoke 440 CIC Micro (IIC) Hearing Aid review / Unboxing

The Evoke 440 is Widex’s smallest and best hearing aid providing great automatic features and sound quality. The device is suitable for mild to severe levels of hearing

loss and is a good solution for those looking for discretion. It is the smallest Widex option available, 30% smaller than their traditional CIC option. 

The device’s SoundSense technology allows it to learn from the different environments the user attends and personalises the listening experience. The devices will remember hearing preferences in certain situations and will apply them to make life easier and more automatic in the future. In addition, the Fluid Sound analyzer evaluates the environments and optimises the program based on the situation. It does this with greater accuracy and speed than it’s previous generation. The model is too small for wireless Bluetooth connection. However, there are accessories available if this is desired. This does not mean big accessories or complex appointments with the hearing care professional to set it up. A simple device that is extremely discreet called the CALL-DEX inserts into the audio jack plug of your phone. This will allow users to stream phone calls and music directly to the hearing aids. 

A disadvantage to the Widex Evoke440 hearing aids is the number of adjustment channels available. Evoke 440 aids have less number of channels compared to other

premium aids which introduces a limitation to fine tuning. In addition, small batteries are used so the user must have good dexterity. However, an advantage of these aids

is the low current consumption making the batteries last longer than previous  generations. Despite these issues, overall, Widex has done a magnificent job in the realm of personalised hearing by introducing hearing aids that are truly smart and learn from the hearing aid user’s preferences. If you feel like you would like to know

more about Widex Evoke, do not hesitate to contact us to help you.