Vibe Air Hearing Aid Review


Vibe: Prescription-grade sound, from the comfort of your home

  • No wires or behind-the-ear device - provides a hassle-free experience without interfering with glasses, mobile phones or headphones
  • Advanced feedback cancellation - you hear only what’s important to you
  • Extended battery life - for up to 70 hours of hearing
  • Exceptional comfort - create your perfect fit with the provided Click-Sleeves
  • Cell phone compatible - connects hearing aids to your phone for easy adjustments in real time on the Vibe app
  • Auto adapt technology - identifies your environment and where sound is coming from to provide you with a natural listening experience

Nearly invisible hearing

Invisible, state-of-the-art, hearing device. It's so small that even your closest friends and family won't notice it. No parts of the device are out of the ear, so nothing will interfere with your glasses, mobile phone, or lifestyle. Just easy, invisible, better hearing.

Vibe Hearing aid Manage App

Android App   Apple App 

The Vibe App is an easy way to remote control your hearing aids from your smartphone.
Conveniently adjust volume and sound balance anytime, anywhere with a tap of your finger.

Vibe Air includes everything you need to get started

We want to make your hearing better, the easy way. Here is everything that comes with your Vibe Air:

  • 2 Vibe Hearing Aids
  • Vibe Jewel Case
  • 6 Batteries
  • Click Sleeves in 4 sizes to suit your ear size
  • Vibe Care Tools (Brush, Cleaning Towel)
  • Vibe Quick Start Guide & User Manual
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • 2 Years Product Support

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