Signia Silk 7X Connect Hearing aid

 Signia Silk 7X Connect IIC (invisible In The Canal) Hearing Aid review

Silk X is the latest completely-in-the-canal (CIC) device from Signia. This device has improved sound processing and noise management compared to its predecessor (Silk Nx) despite being 20% smaller. The device uses Signia’s binaural beamforming technology to help improve clarity in noisy environments and aims to provide natural directionality. The biggest advantage this aid offers is that it is the only ready-to-wear CIC hearing aid on the market (Instant fit/off-the-shelf). This means that the audiologist can fit you up on the same day without needing to order a custom-built product. However, there are some disadvantages to this in regards to:

1) Cosmetics (custom-built allow for deeper fits).

2) Fitting in a unique shaped ear (custom-built allows for secure fit in these cases).

3) Control of the vent (important for sound quality in some cases).

Excitingly, Signia will bring out CROS solutions for single-sided deafness for this device (commonly seen only in miniRITEs). Bluetooth calls are possible but only with accessories (common for CIC due to its size). However, it does offer wireless adjustments from your phone without accessories which is very rare for CIC products. In addition, the Twinphone feature allows the user to hold the phone next to one aid and have that call streamed to the other aid for improved clarity and reduced listening effort. Overall, this device has a lot of features and is great for clients who need a hearing aid ASAP (…happens every Christmas eve!). However, remember hearing rehabilitation is a marathon not a sprint.

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