Signia Motion 7x BTE hearing aid Review / Unbosxing


Signia Motion 7x BTE hearing aid Review

The Motion 7X is Signia’s traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aid and offers great features for the user (see also Pure 7X review). This device has improved sound processing and noise management compared to its predecessor. It uses binaural beamforming technology to help improve clarity in noisy environments and aims to provide natural directionality.  A new feature offered is the “own voice processor” which aims to reduce issues with the patient’s voice and deliver a more natural sound. This issue commonly arises for new users who are not accustomed to new sounds and will aid the client in acclimatizing faster to hearing aids.

The device comes in a sleek design and offers buttons for controls if the user wishes. There is a rechargeable option for the device working similar to the Pure NX device (see other review). The product offers made-for-iPhone bluetooth connectivity, smartphone application and remotecare access. Streaming to non-apple products is possible but will require the additional purchase of accessories. Further, the device offers Signia’s new Notch therapy feature for tinnitus relief. This new technology aims to train the user’s brain to ignore the tinnitus rather than “drowning“ the sound out.  Overall, the Signia Motion 7X offers many great features and should be a consideration when looking for new hearing aids.