ReSound LiNX 9 3D IIC (invisible In The Canal) Hearing aid Review / Unbosing


ReSound LiNX 9 3D IIC (invisible In The Canal) Hearing aid Review

ReSound’s most advanced and smallest hearing aid is the LiNX 9 3D invisible in the canal (IIC). It targets those with mild to moderate hearing loss and has all the features other LiNX 3D 9 products offer except for direct phone connectivity. Lack of direct phone connectivity is common for IIC aids due to size and if desired a larger style is required. The product provides excellent sound quality and reasonable noise reduction. It utilizes 360 degree processing and automatic programing to allow a more natural hearing experience and limit the management of the aid. The aid will not be able to have push buttons or volume control which some clients may desire.   

ReSound recently brought out the updated LiNX Quattro range (see our other reviews). However, this new technology is not available to fit in this device (yet). Overall, this device may be suitable for you but will depend on your hearing results, shape of ear canal and lifestyle needs. When considering an IIC it is always best to consult with an audiologist first. If appropriate, the LiNX 9 3D IIC may be a good option for you.