Phonak Sky™ Marvel


Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Combining world’s first technological innovations and child-specific designs to support children of all ages.

The key to children’s development

Close relationships are essential for children’s social, emotional and cognitive development1. Sky Marvel enables children to build strong bonds by offering clear rich sound and access to more words and conversations every day.

Clear, rich sound

AutoSense Sky OS is the world’s first operating system built specifically for children and provides an optimal listening experience in situations like noisy classrooms and outdoor playgrounds.

Available in US, Canada, UK and Germany app stores

Connects to smartphones, Roger mics and more

Sky Marvel connects directly to smartphones and other Bluetooth® enabled devices, enabling children to easily enjoy speech, music, TV and much more.


This powerful rechargeable technology offers a full day of hearing including 10 hours of Roger or media streaming.

Child-specific design

Tamperproof and designed to provide comfort, safety and robustness in all aspects of a child’s active life.

Mix & Match Colors

Sky Marvel is available in a variety of colors ranging from fun and vibrant to discreet skin-tone shades. Children can choose a combination of colors that truly matches their personality, giving them confidence to embrace and enjoy wearing their hearing aids.