Phonak Lyric Invisible 4 Reviews Hearing aid

phonak hearing aid review

Phonak Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid review

Phonak Lyric invisible is an exceptionally good option for the right candidates. During my 37 years of practice, I have found no other hearing aids like it.

Lyric is the only hearing aid technology that offers complete invisibility; when it comes to cosmetics, I would like to recommend Lyric as the best option if there are no clinical contraindications!

The fact that is placed deep in the ear canal makes it possible for clients to have the benefit of the ear anatomy for better directionality, natural sound transmission and improved clarity.

As Lyric is worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and as clients use Lyric during all their daily activities naturally, clients might forget that they are using a hearing aid. The fact that Lyric is worn 24/7, may also reduce the risks associated with untreated hearing loss. Read more about the benefits of Phonak Lyric here.

I have found Lyric a great option for clients who have difficulties managing traditional hearing aids, as Lyric has no batteries to change and requires no maintenance and no daily insertion or removal.

In cases when clients can manage, clients can be provided with a SoundLync, a magnetic adjustment tool that allows clients to adjust the volume, turn Lyric on and off, and to put it in sleep mode. Lyric can also be removed, if needed, with the SoundLync.

Cons: Lyric may not be affordable if clients have a limited budget. However, these clients can be offered payment plans.

Not everybody would be a candidate for Lyric. Narrow ear canals, history of excessive earwax build-up, eardrum perforations, ear discharge and bleeding disorders are among the factors, which may exclude clients from being a possible candidate.

Although I have had amazing results with Lyric, I have had these good results only with the right candidates. 

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