Oticon More miniRITE Review / Unboxing


Oticon More miniRITE – Hearing Aid Review 

Oticon recently released their Oticon More hearing aids coming in 3 levels, More 1, 2 and 3. Each packing fantastic speech clarity in background noise whilst claiming to provide better spatial awareness than previous generations.

As seen above, the Oticon More hearing aids come in a range of colours from Hear Pink to Diamond Black built to look great no matter how you like to accessorise!

Most Reliable App – Oticon ON App – Hearing aid controls

From my experience, the Oticon ON app has been the most reliable and responsive apps on the market. They connect immediately without fail on almost any phone and allow you to control numerous settings. From volume controls to program switching, from battery percentages to equaliser settings, each adjustment is snappy and accurate.

To find out if your Phone is compatible with the Oticon ON app, click HERE!

iPhone and Android Connectivity

The Oticon More hearing aids, like many other modern hearing aids, are Made For iPhone (MFi) meaning they directly connect to and stream from almost any iPhone or iOS device (iPhone 6s and newer).

Although Oticon More hearing aids are able to stream from the latest Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S20/S21), I have found connectivity with older devices hit or miss. Unfortunately, due to the current limitations of Bluetooth Low Energy, More can’t directly connect to all Bluetooth devices. So if connectivity and streaming are a priority for you, consider picking up a ConnectClip or looking into the Phonak Paradise and Marvel hearing aids.

Always remember to keep your phone (iPhone or Android) close, as it uses the microphone in the phone to pick up your voice.

Design and Comfort

Look and Feel

The Oticon More hearing aid’s small and discrete nature along with their myriad of colour options make them a fantastic accessory whether you’re looking to match it with your hair or outfit. Each hearing aid is equipped with two buttons for volume and/or program controls which are tactile and easy to press. In my experience, the More’s fit comfortably behind the ear and both their domes (eartips) and earmoulds fit well. The thin and small design also fit nicely behind the ear, even with glasses.

Onboard Controls

One feature I miss switching from the Phonak Paradise hearing aids to the Oticon More hearing aids were their onboard media controls. With the Paradise aids, you are able to answer and end calls with the click of a button and raise or lower volume without ever picking up your phone. I wish more manufacturers would provide media controls directly on their hearing aids.

Speaker Dome Options (Eartips)

Oticon has a wide variety of dome options ranging from open to occluding. Your audiologist will pick the right size and type of dome/earmould depending on the severity of your hearing loss. Custom earmoulds are also available for those with more significant losses.

Battery Life and Battery Types

The Oticon More, unlike previous generations (OPN-S and before), only come in a rechargeable option. The battery is set to last around 20-24 hours without streaming and 16-20 hours with streaming. So, like many other rechargeable hearing aids, if you take them out of the charger in the morning and place them in at night, they will last you the whole day. Unfortunately, unlike Starkey, Signia or Phonak, Oticon does not have a charger option with an in-built battery, meaning you will have to be plugged into the wall or get a powerbank for emergencies (such as a power outages). Aside from that, their charging case is one of the easiest to place and remove from, making them fantastic for anyone with dexterity issues.


For streaming to any other Bluetooth connected device (eg. older iPhone/Android or laptop), you can use the ConnectClip. The ConnectClip also allows for truly hands-free calling, using its built-in microphone for phone calls. Making taking phone calls much more convenient and carefree.

In summary, if you’re looking for a stylish hearing aid which performs well, has a great design and sounds great, these may be the right hearing aids for you.