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Maharashtra, India is Wholesale Distributor of BTE Hearing Aid , Digital Hearing Aid, Invisible Hearing Aid. Om Sai Speech and Hearing Clinic Ahmednagar is established in year 2018 and currently having more than 200 employees. Rathod is of Om Sai Speech and Hearing Clinic Ahmednagar. You can contact Om Sai Speech and Hearing Clinic Ahmednagar by sending an email on or directly send an enquiry here.


Less than 10% of hearing loss can be corrected medically or surgically, whereas 95% of hearing loss can be managed effectively with today’s innovative hearing aids. Hearing loss in not only one of the world’s most common health issue but is also one of the most treatable. Living with hearing loss can be frustrating and even dangerous. By wearing hearing aids one could function better in all areas of his life. Just as you do not put off getting glasses when you have trouble seeing, getting hearing aids when you have trouble hearing should not be put off. In fact medical research point out that early detection and treatment of hearing loss by fitting hearing aids can make a difference.

HEARING AID TECHNOLOGY : Hearing technology has come a long way. It is extremely difficult for someone to get past the image in their mind about what a hearing aid may look like and the social stigma attached to it. Hearing aid technology has evolved to the extent that there are totally invisible hearing aids that would help get over the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids are now available with an option to sync them directly to ones mobile phones thereby making listening to telephone conversations and music extremely comfortable. Hearing aids have become waterproof and thereby protecting them effectively against sweat, humidity and moisture. Most hearing aids have automatic environment detection and adjust itself automatically in preset situations.

INVISIBLE HEARING AID : Invisible hearing aids in the canal are the best option for those whose social stigma of wearing hearing aids affects them psychologically. Your lifestyle does not change in anyway and you could participate in everyday life just as how you do always with the confidence that the hearing aids that you are wearing are invisible to others.

HEARING AIDS FOR CHILDREN : In case a child is suspected to have hearing loss, helping parents understand and overcome the initial shock and providing appropriate hearing care is an integral component of our commitment. The Audiologist at Shruti Hearing Care would not only help in conducting the appropriate tests to determine the extent of hearing loss but would also help in choosing the appropriate hearing aid that would provide optimum amplification and suit such hearing loss. Providing support and advice on aural habilitation after proper fitment of hearing aids and helping parents learn and cope with their little ones hearing loss is a key component of our service.

PRICE OF HEARING AIDS : The price of hearing aids is probably the single most important factor in the mind of individuals with hearing loss when selecting a hearing aid. Though price is important, it is recommended that one should selects a hearing aid that is most appropriate for his hearing loss and the one that perfectly addresses and solves his problems in all of his hearing situations. The advice of an clinical audiologist is critical in the selection of appropriate hearing aid.