Hearing Aids Prices - Best Brands at Low Prices

Are you interested in the price of hearing aids? Exact prices are difficult to quote, as more than 2,000 different hearing aids are available in India. At the moment, prices range from ₹ 14,000 for a basic device to ₹ 4,00,990 for a premium hearing aid. However, which one is best for you depends on many factors like, your hearing loss, individual needs, your lifestyle, dexterity, family involvement etc. We would be happy to speak with you and help you find hearing aids that fit your lifestyle. You can find more information about the different types of hearing aids currently available and their respective price ranges on this page.

At hear.ilovebeed.com, the price of hearing aids includes a comprehensive service package that is good for the next years! Address your hearing loss today – and see significant improvements in your quality of life. Don’t hesitate to contact our hearing aid experts. We are ready to answer any of your questions and address any of your concerns.

Hearing aids prices depend on the level of technology present. Hearing aids are grouped into three main categories, premium, mid-range and basic. The information below offers you a brief overview of the kind of technology in each category of hearing aids. Whether it’s a premium, mid-range, or basic device, all our hearing aids are digital and provide excellent quality sound. They all have optimal speech understanding as well as feedback and background noise reduction.

Price Categories

So, how do know what type of hearing aid to choose? There are two main factors to consider, power and technology level. People need hearing aids with enough power to match their level of hearing loss. If a person has severe hearing loss, then power or super power hearing aids are best suitable. If a person has active lifestyle, like working in a crowded, noisy place, then she or he needs a device with excellent noise reduction technology, to have ease of listening in meeting with many people, hearing aid should have automatic microphone technology. There are other factors also to consider before selecting a hearing aid like, dexterity, elderly people need to have hassle free hearing aids, for them rechargeable hearing aids could be a best solution. A hearing care professional is the best person who can decide the best suitable solution and hearing aid for your hearing concerns.

To learn more about hearing aid technology and hearing aid prices, you may read the information below. This information can help a person to decide which hearing aids to chose. Remember, the most important factor in choosing a device will be the level of hearing loss and hearing needs. After a thorough hearing examination by a Partner Audiologist, one would understand which hearing aid will best suit them. Then one could complete a hearing aid price comparison with a small subset of devices.

Three Types Category 


Mid Range