Which digital hearing aids are right for me?


Digital Hearing Aids - Audiological requirements

There are different types of hearing loss that require different fitting strategies. It is important that the hearing aids have sufficient reserve amplification so they will last for several years – not just one or two.  We would say that five years is about right.

Digital Hearing Aids - Technology & performance

This above all else determines the cost of the hearing aid. The higher the technology, the higher the price.  This has nothing to do with the severity of the hearing loss, it’s about how well you want to be able to hear.

Digital Hearing Aids - Accessories

Some hearing aids have accessories that can be purchased. These include wireless transmitters that enable the sound from a television or telephone or another device to “beam” sound into the hearing aid.  The need for certain assistance by way of accessories can heavily influence the choice of make/model of hearing aid required.

Digital Hearing Aids - Size

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the hearing aid the more powerful it is. Smaller hearing aids have smaller batteries which could be difficult for people with poor dexterity. Smaller batteries don’t last as long.