Top Hearing Aid Provider in Pune, Maharashtra

Top Hearing Aid Provider in Pune, Maharashtra

Many years of results oriented hearing care where you get the very best when it comes to your hearing rehabilitation across Pune. We are Committed to providing the highest level of care, working with you and your family to minimize the impact of Hearing loss has on communication and quality of life.

Hearing Aid Centre in Pune

Pune is a sprawling city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Come and experience the best accommodation of hearing aid providers here and grab each pair in this wonderful city.

When the clinic first opened, we were very grateful to our clients who referred their family and friends for audiology services. The clinic continues to rely on word of mouth and physician referral. Ensuring client satisfaction is a constant goal. Our emphasis continues to be a combination of diagnostic hearing assessments, treatment with quality hearing aids, counselling, hearing aid maintenance and adjustments, as well as providing assistive listening devices and batteries and personalised international standards of hearing care to our clients.

For over 10 years Audiologist has been helping people with hearing loss to improve the quality of life in Pune and suburbs of Pune like Baner, Chinchwad, Chakan and Kothrud. 10 years of results oriented hearing care where you get the very best when it comes to your hearing rehabilitation across Pune. We are Committed to providing the highest level of care, working with you and your family to minimize the impact of Hearing loss has on communication and quality of life.

Why Choose Us as Hearing Consultant in Pune?

Hearing loss is an issue to many who are dealing with on a daily basis. One out of every ten Indians, of all ages, is living with some form of hearing loss; it affects half of people over 65. 7 out of 100 people with a hearing loss are under the age of 60. The professionals at the Hearing Loss Clinic have dedicated themselves to reducing the negative effects of hearing loss; we use our expertise to find the most appropriate technology and treatment options available to improve our patients’ quality of life, regardless of their age.

The ability to hear well allows us to communicate effectively with others and is something often taken for granted. When hearing, problems develop gradually & people doesn’t accept their hearing, problem initially because of lack of knowledge about hearing problem & its consequences. So when you find difficulties while hearing it is important to have qualified hearing health professional to check your hearing to determine the best treatment possible.

Our goal at Hearing Loss Clinics Pune, Maharashtra is to open the world of hearing once again for those who have lost their hearing. We want to make them hear the way they want to. We will understand your problem by using the most sophisticated hearing testing tools and provide you with a custom solution which will help you to hear the way you want.

We keep up to date with the latest hearing aid technologies from across the world with that knowledge; we customize the most suitable hearing device for you. We thereafter support you to make sure that you are comfortable and are hearing as well as you would like to and at a cost which you can afford.

We believe in result-oriented approach and hence we educate our patients so that they’re well aware about the know-hows of hearing aids.

We undertake hearing assessment to check whether the patient is in need of a hearing aid or no! Along with this we also assess the severity of hearing loss.

We give a choice for our beloved patients to choose their equipment that is customized as per their appearance and ear size.

We are extremely adaptive and so our hearing aids are high-tech and have integration with your mobile devices be it android or iPhones.

We believe in personalized touch and hence we are top-notch in follow-ups. We keep a track of the experiences of the patients and make changes accordingly and also monitor them.

Facts about hearing aids

Hearing loss can be disturbing but people who have found solutions of their hearing loss with hearing aids have witnessed better quality of life. Yet, there still remains some unknown facts of hearing aids.

Virtually Invisible

One of the most interesting facts about hearing aids is that they are nearly invisible as they can fit into the ear canal comfortably. Despite being compact, they provide amazing sound quality that is natural and are easy to use.

Last for Several Years

Hearing aids, typically have a shelf life of 4-5 years. But if you take good care then they can last for a longer time. Talk to Hearing Experts recommend to undertake the cleaning of your hearing aids on a timely basis. Also, if you’re using hair spray or equivalent products, then remember to remove your hearing aid and store in a dry location.

Seamless Connectivity

Digital hearing aids, wireless is the next big thing. They easily integrate with smart phones, home entertainment, music systems and all other treasured electronics. With seamless connectivity, hear at the right volume directly from your musical instrument to your hearing aids.

Rechargeable Feature

With rechargeable facility, your hearing aids are always on the go! Moreover, you don’t have to stumble or mismanage the small batteries. Just like your mobile phones, recharge your hearing aids every night and you are ready to go for the entire day!

Adjusts to All Kinds of Soundscapes

It doesn’t matter where you are – attending a meeting, having lunch in a chaotic restaurant or taking a stroll in the garden filled with chirping birds. The hearing aids are so technologically advanced that they adjust themselves automatically in any soundscapes.

Water, Humidity, and Dust Proof Aids

One important hearing aids facts is that they have become more durable as ever as they are now waterproof. This feature is a boon for people to battle water, humidity and dust amidst demanding environments like running, playing, any outdoor activities, etc.

Modern & Advanced Hearing Aids

Say no to ancient complaints like echoes, whistling, background noise, etc., with advanced hearing aids. Modern and technologically advanced hearing aids have helped in improving the clarity of the sound.