Shruti Hearing Care Clinics in Ahmednagar


Shruti Hearing Care Clinics in Ahmednagar

Shruti Hearing Care Clinics in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, provide comprehensive expert care for every hearing need

Ahmednagar best hearing aid Centre

we, at Shruti Hearing Care Clinics in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, provide comprehensive expert care for every hearing need. We offer FREE hearing tests in Ahmednagar and Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad . Our experienced staff are happy to assist you in all areas of hearing so that you can find the perfect solution.

We are familiar with the challenges patients of hearing loss face. With solutions that are affordable, comfortable and effective, we are simply a phone call away & walk into our clinic for a FREE consultation. Shruti clinic is a leading hearing aid clinic in Maharashtra which offers a comprehensive range of Hearing & Speech Clinic. With head-office in Ahmednagar and Pune in Nashik, and Aurangabad, experts at Shruti Hearing clinic go the extra mile to understand patients with hearing impairment. Catering to special lifestyle needs of patients, Shruti Clinic Audiologists, along with world-class technology enabled Products, strive to deliver.

Top Hearing Aid in Ahmednagar

Hearing Aids at Hearing Loss Clinics comes in a range of styles that can be personalized to your needs. These Hearing Aids are sleek, discreet, barely visibly and offer superior connectivity. Hearing Test for Infants and Adults, Counseling and Hearing Aid Machine Trial and Fitting are some of the services provided at Shruti Hearing Care Clinics. For Infants, the hearing screening and assessment is carried out by making use of instruments suitable for children. For Adults, hearing test helps identify the right device for each individual. Additionally, when you purchase Hearing Aids from Shruti Hearing Care Clinics, the expert audiologist tell you exactly how to take care of those precious instruments, and only on the basis of your hearing level, a particular Hearing Aid will be suggested to you and fitted into your ear.

Can hearing aids improve my hearing?

That depends on what type of hearing loss you have:

Conductive hearing loss is usually caused by an obstruction in the ear canal, such as swelling due to an ear infection or a benign tumor. If your hearing healthcare professional determines your hearing loss is conductive, your hearing may return to normal once the obstruction has been removed. If your hearing does not return to normal, you may benefit from wearing a hearing aid.

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the sensory hair cells of the inner ear. This damage can be caused by exposure to loud noise, illness, medication, injury or age. If your hearing healthcare professional determines you have sensorineural hearing loss, you may benefit from wearing a hearing aid.

Presbycusis, generally a subset of sensorineural, is the loss of hearing that occurs in most individuals as they age. This condition is common and can often be improved with hearing aids.

Our goal at Shruti Hearing Care Clinics is to open the world of hearing once again for those who have lost their hearing. We want to make them hear the way they want to. We will understand your problem by using the most sophisticated hearing testing tools and provide you with a custom solution which will help you to hear the way you want. We keep up to date with the latest hearing aid technologies from across the world with that knowledge; we customize the most suitable hearing device for you. We thereafter support you to make sure that you are comfortable and are hearing as well as you would like to and at a cost which you can afford.