Phonak Virto B-Titanium 70 / M-Titanium 70 Hearing Aids


Phonak B-Titanium 70 / M-Titanium 70 Hearing Aids 

|  2020 Update:  Phonak added M-Titanium to their Titanium range - Their latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from their innovative titanium shell along with their Marvel technology, instead of the Belong technology of the B-Titanium.

About the Phonak B-Titanium 70 Range

The Phonak Virto B-Titanium 70 is one of the new tiny titanium hearing aids from Phonak. The “70” is the slightly less sophisticated version of the aid, though still more than adequate for most hearing losses.

For more details of the technology inside the hearing aid, please go to the Phonak Audeo B70 page.

For more details of the outside of the aid (the titanium part) please go to our main article on Phonak Virto B-Titanium 90 to find out more information.

Important note about these hearing aids

The Phonak Titanium, because of the design of the shell, has no wireless capabilities. There is no option to stream sounds either between the hearing aids or to an external device. If you need this functionality then you would instead opt for a standard shell Phonak Virto.

Main Differences - Comparing the B90 Hearing Aids

Channels - Only 16 not 20.

Echostop - The 90 has it, the 70 doesn't. This is a feature that removes reverberation when you are in an echoey environment.

AutoSense operating system - The 70's is a little more basic, less effective in background noise but not by a large margin.


The B-Titanium 70 is still the second top hearing aid from Phonak, the titanium range doesn't go any more basic than that so you are still getting a very sophisticated hearing aid. The price is a (relatively) small amount less for a small reduction in performance. Which of the two aids best suits you depends on your lifestyle.