Phonak Marvel | Audeo / M50 / M50-R / Naida / Virto Black Hearing Aids

The Phonak Marvel Audeo M50 is a "lower mid range" hearing aid from the Marvel family.

Your audiologist will guide you as to which model in the Phonak series is most suitable for your hearing loss, but for the technically minded who wish to compare, here are some details.

Here are a few key features of the Phonak Marvel Audeo M50 Hearing Aids

Number of Channels – The Phonak Marvel M50 has 12 channels

A number of Autosense settings – The M50 have 5 options it switches between – it lacks the Music setting of the better models.

A number of manually selectable programs – All aids in the Marvel range have three.

The Phonak Marvel M50 lacks the Echostop feature of the M90 and also has far less robust background noise reduction than the M90 or M70. It is also missing wind noise reduction and the feature that stops sudden loud sounds being too intrusive.

Full Bluetooth connectivity is present in all four models in the Marvel range, as described in our main article on the M90.

Conclusion of the Phonak Marvel M50 Hearing Aids

In our opinion, having fitted quite a few pairs of these hearing aids, there isn't much going for them. That's not to say that there is anything wrong with them at all, they just don't appear to really have a niche to fit into.

If you need to hear well when you're out socially, or in places with background noise, then these just won't cut it. They pick up too much background noise and do not provide enough clarity for most people - you're probably better off with the M70 or M90. If you don't need to hear well in these environments and lead a fairly quiet life, then the M50 doesn't really do much that the M30 doesn't already do.

In conclusion, either spend a bit more on an M70 or a bit less on the M30. Or if this is the limit of your budget but you do need to hear well in background noise, you might want to consider mid-range hearing aids from a different manufacturer, give us a call and we can guide you in the right direction.