Phonak Marvel 2.0 | Audeo / M70 / M70-R / Naida / Virto Black Hearing Aids

The Phonak Marvel M70 Audeo is the second model in the range from Phonak's November 2018 Marvel range.

It looks the same as the M90 and has all of the same colour and form options, so what's the difference?  Not everybody needs to get the top model when it comes to hearing aids, if you have been advised to get the Marvel M90 but are not too sure if you really require all of the features (and don't want to pay quite as much) then the M70 is worth a look.

Your audiologist will guide you as to which Phonak model in the series is most suitable for your hearing loss, but for the technically minded who wish to compare, here are some details to consider.

Here are some key features of the Phonak Marvel M70 Hearing Aids

Number of Channels – The Marvel M70 has 16.

A number of Autosense settings – The Marvel M70 have 6 environments that it can identify and switch between.

A number of manually selectable programs – All aids in the Marvel range has three.

The Marvel M70 lacks the Echostop feature of the M90 and also has less robust background noise reduction.

Full Bluetooth connectivity is present in all four models in the Marvel range, as described in our main article on the M90.

Main Differences when comparing the Phonak Marvel M70 to the M90 Hearing Aids

Boiling down the technical jargon, the primary difference you will notice with the Marvel M70 compared to the M90 is evidenced in it's "automatic" setting and what it can do. The M90 has nine different environmental settings that it will switch between. The M70 only has six. The missing three are "Speech in Loud Noise" "Speech in Car" and "Comfort in Echo".

The reason for these settings not being there is that the background noise reduction is less efficient in the Marvel M70 and the echo-blocking function is not there at all. Therefore if you don't spend much time in very noisy environments or trying to hear when travelling by car, then the Marvel M70 may have everything you need.

Main Similarities of the Phonak Marvel M70 and M90 Hearing Aids

The Bluetooth and streaming side of things is exactly the same with the Marvel M70 as with the M90 so you don't lose out on anything there.

The rechargeable battery in the Marvel M70-R model lasts just as long as the one in the M90-R.

The phone app works in the same way.

Hearing well in quiet environments shouldn't be noticeably different for most people.