Phonak CROS II (Behind the Ear) / CROS B Hearing Aids


Phonak CROS II  / CROS B Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS B is the CROS device using Phonak Belong technology. When CROS B and an Audéo B hearing aid are fitted together, it enables clients with single-sided deafness to hear speech more accurately and better able to follow conversations from whatever direction.  Using Binaural VoiceStream Technology the CROS B wirelessly sends the sounds from the ear that has no hearing over to the better side.

Phonak CROS II BTE - Stereo Zoom

Phonak uses their integrated StereoZoom system which has proven successful at binaural beamforming. It creates a very narrow beam to focus in on single voices when in a crowd. This can deliver much better speech understanding when in background noise.  The CROS B can be either rechargeable or use normal batteries. 

Key features of Phonak CROS systems

The Phonak CROS is a specialist hearing instrument. It is specifically designed for people with no hearing at all on one side. The CROS aid is worn on the “dead” side and transmits sound to a hearing aid worn on the other ear. Please note, another Phonak hearing aid is required on the other ear to enable the sound to be received.

If the “good” side is near normal then the lowest technology hearing aid can be worn. If the “good” ear is impaired then higher technology hearing instruments can be considered. This configuration is called BICROS and may cost more if you choose a higher technology “receiving” hearing aid.

The Phonak CROS system can be paired with any wireless capable Phonak hearing aid in the new Venture range. As they are wirelessly capable, they can be connected to a number of Phonak wireless accessories.

The Phonak CROS II BTE accessories include:

Phonak Compilot – Streamer worn around the neck.

Phonak TV Link S – Tv transmitter/compilot charger.

Phonak Mypilot – One touch display screen remote control.

Phonak PilotOne – Basic remote control.

Any additional features would depend on the model of hearing aid you choose to pair with your CROS system.

Pricing for CROS and BICROS aids (you need both sides which are priced separately)

  • CROS II BTE / CROS B £695 with Audeo B30
  • CROS II BTE / CROS B £695 with Audeo B50 
  • CROS II BTE / CROS B £695 with Audeo B70
  • CROS II BTE / CROS B £695 with Audeo B90 
  • Customer Notice about the Phonak CROS II BTE

Price valid if fitted with another hearing aid purchased from ourselves. If the CROS unit is to be fitted to an existing hearing aid then there will be an additional £250 fee for the fitting and ongoing aftercare.