Phonak Belong B50 Audeo / Virto / Bolero Hearing Aids


What is B-Direct?

The same as the regular Phonak Belong Audeo B50 only with additional wireless streaming capabilities. This is the first “made for any smartphone” hearing aid that can do fully wireless streaming without an extra device. It works with any smartphone that has Bluetooth. In addition, they have a new improved TV streamer box to go along with it.

The Audeo B50 is the mid-range option from the range.  If you consider that a good percentage of hearing aid users tend to be on the older side and live relatively quiet lifestyles then this is likely to be the most popular of the four in the Audeo Belong range.  There is good clarity and background noise reduction, sophisticated enough to manage light social functions, supermarkets, cafes etc. Not the right choice if you have a busy and active lifestyle, but if your needs are relatively simple then this may be the aid for you.

The differences in full

When compared to the next model up, the B70, here is what you miss out on:

The Music setting -  The automatic AutoSense OS system still has the three "Calm Situation", "Speech in Noise" and "Comfort in Noise" settings but no "Music".

Four fewer channels - The B50 has only 12 channels compared with the B70's 16.

Windblock - No wind noise reduction in this aid.

Directionality and noise reduction - Both are more basic in the B50 making it only suitable for light social type background noise.

Here are the models in this range:

  • Audéo B50-10
  • Audéo B50-312
  • Audéo B50-312T
  • Audéo B50-13
  • Audéo B50-R