Phonak Belong B30 Audeo / Virto / Bolero Hearing Aids

Phonak Belong B30 Hearing Aids

This is the most basic of the new Phonak Audeo Belong's. The B30 is designed for people with simple to help hearing requirements who need to hear better only in quiet situations. There is no rechargeable B30 which negates one of the main features of the range.

This is an 8 channel hearing aid and performs its functions well, it is as reliable as the other aids in the range and looks just as nice. Whilst it does still have the automatic AutoSense operating system, it only has the two settings, Calm Situation and Speech in Noise. When you remember that there is only a limited amount of noise reduction and only very basic directionality in the B30 then you shouldn't expect much change when you do go into a noisy environment. This aid will still pick up a lot of the background noise. 

Still, this is a good basic aid and as long as you don't have any use for rechargeable and don't mind paying a premium for the Phonak name then it certainly isn't a poor choice. If you are considering one of the better aids in the range then here are links to the previous pages, the Audeo B90, Audeo B70 and Audeo B50.

Here are the models in this range:

  • Audéo B30-10
  • Audéo B30-312
  • Audéo B30-312T
  • Audéo B30-13