Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids


Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids

 The Paradise hearing aid range now includes the Naida model in P rechargeable and UP.

On 19th August 2020, Phonak launched their Paradise hearing aid range offering a soundscape that evokes their mission for this new device - "There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise" - designed specifically for those with hearing loss in mind.  The Paradise Audeo P90 offers great sound quality, increased functionality, universal connectivity and the ability to manage and personalise your hearing experience wherever you are - even on the go.

The Phonak Paradise supersedes the Phonak Marvel range (apart from the Virto Black and Naida).

Paradise Audeo P90 Hearing Aids - Sound Quality

With Paradise's Adaptive Phonak Digitial (APD) 2.0 you can now balance audibility, how loud the sound is and at what quality.  This is assisted by the new processing algorithm and precalculation methods - which gives you a comfortable first fit hearing experience that is, above all, natural.

Phonak Paradise P90 uses artificial intelligence, AutoSense OS 4.0 that gives you the ideal personalised experience in any soundscape.  It offers the right combination of sound processing features that beneficially supports your various needs that suits both your lifestyle and communication needs.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids - New Features

Speech Enhancer:  This feature adapts to enhance the heights of speech signals in quiet environments.

Dynamic Noise Cancellation:  This is a spatial noise cancellation system that is successfully combined with a directional beamformer.

Motion Sensor Hearing:  This feature detects when the wearer is standing still or moving, a well as how challenging the hearing situation is - so you always gain from clear speech.

PRISM:  This is Phonak's new sound processing chip - Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management.  It has double the memory of the last chip, more connectivity options and lower power consumption. 

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids - Digital Solutions

myPhonak 4.0: Offers a new Hearing Diary 2.0, so you can undergo tasks to educate yourself about your hearing aid.  This means that you can be more accustomed to your devices in various soundscapes.  

Client Dashboard 2.0:  It is an online dashboard to record your feedback using the myPhonak app.  It is where you audiologist can create tasks and set goals for your hearing aids and hearing.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids - Connectivity

There are now eight Bluetooth enabled devices that can be paired with your Paradise P90 hearing aids and two devices can be used at the same time.  Offering an even better Made for Any Phone hearing aid that can keep up with this ever-increasing tech-savvy world.

Using the Motion Sensors, Paradise P90 can control Bluetooth features with a double-tap of your ear.  So you can accept/end calls, pause/resume streaming and ask Google for driving instructions with a simple tap.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 Hearing Aids - Conclusion

Please note that all technical specifications are Roger compatible (including the Audeo P-RT) and this range includes a lithium-ion rechargeable model with telecoil. Please note that the tap feature is only available in the premium rechargeable specifications (P90 and P70).  The Motion-Senors are only available in the rechargeable versions of the P90, P70 and P50.  Both the Speech Enhancer and the Dynamic Noise Cancellation is only available in the Paradise P90 model.