Oticon Opn2 miniRITE / IIC / CIC Hearing Aids

The Opn range have distinctive key features which have exceeded expectations when it comes to performance. The new approach to delivering better hearing with minimal effort has been named BrainHearing™ - making hearing aids more in unison with the brain's natural functions. The three levels of BrainHearing™ apply to all three variations of the Opn; level one being the most advanced and applying to Opn ™1, whereas level three being a more basic variation applying to Opn 3.

Oticon has developed the Opn 2 hearing aid range on five fundamental factors of quality hearing.  These are:

  • Speech Understanding
  • Sound Quality
  • Listening Comfort
  • Optimising Fitting
  • Connecting To The World

The Opn 2 hearing aid is an upper mid-range hearing aid which provides effortless hearing at a smaller cost.  In comparison to the Opn 1, the Opn 2 is still a highly advanced hearing aid. The OpenSound Navigator™ (as explained under Opn 1 ), removes 5db of background noise from the current environment compared to the 9db the Opn 1 removes. The extra 4db of background noise reduction could be beneficial if you're regularly in a noisy environment.

The other key features of the Opn 2 are:

The Spatial Sound LX

This feature also differs comparing on the model you are interested in. Opn 2 and Opn 3 both have two sound estimators whereas the Opn1 contains four. The main benefit from more sound estimators is it gives a more precise spacial awareness of where the sound is coming from. Again, depending on your routine and everyday living will depend if this imperative to have the Opn 1.

The YouMatic LX

This software controls the level of performance that the OpenSound Navigator™ delivers. The amount of control depends on the amount of configured personalisation settings the hearing aid has. Fitting in the same pattern with this range of hearing aids, the Opn 1 allows more control using three configurations, Opn 2 contains two, Opn 3 contains one. Again, this is not a deciding factor when choosing a model of the Opn range is best suited to your needs, but before making that decision, consider your routine, how often are you going to be faced with noisy, fast changing surroundings?