Oticon More 2 miniRITE / RIC Hearing Aids


Details & Features

Oticon More 2 Hearing Aids

Launching on the 13th January 2021, the Oticon More digital hearing aid range was designed to support how your brain works naturally.  Using their advancing BrainHearing technology philosophy and combining their new Deep Neural Network and Polaris platform.  So you will always gain from a full soundscape.  Currently, this hearing aid range is only available in a modern rechargeable RIC design - the Oticon More 2 miniRITE.

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Oticon More 2 Hearing Aids - An Introduction

The Oticon More 2 is out there to change how hearing aids of the past have worked.  These hearing aids focused on speech in front of you, guessed your soundscape and then adapted. This meant that it stopped your brain from receiving all the sound information it needs to provide natural and realistic sound.

Your brain craves more to access more so it can process sound as natural as possible because sound changes all the time.  Oticon More 2 hearing aids deliver your brain support so it can mimic sound how it should be heard with the Deep Neural Network and Polaris platform.

  • What else is new with Oticon More 2 Hearing Aids?
  • MoreSound Intelligence to give you an advanced soundscape.
  • MoreSounds Amplifier to balance amplification.
  • Polaris Platform.
  • Oticon More 2 Hearing Aids - In Brief

The Oticon More 2 is the mid technology specification and although not the premium hearing aid in this family, it is still packed with great features like Bluetooth connectivity, as well as benefiting from:

  • More of the meaningful sounds around you.
  • More balance and clarity of the little details.
  • More captures of the special moments that sounds bring to life.