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The Hearing Aid Bundle

Powerful, nearly-invisible hearing aids and at-home audiologist care, all for 50% less than the national average.
  • A pair of professionally programmed hearing aids
  • 3 years of free follow-up care with a Lively audiologist
  • The Lively mobile app
  • Charging case
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty details
  • 3-year loss and damage protection details

Personalize your Rechargeable Hearing Aid Bundle to make it perfectly right for you.

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A New World of Hearing Technology

Effortless Listening

Our high-tech hearing aids reduce unwanted background noise, so you can hear what you want, wherever you are.
Designed to automatically recognize and prioritize voices above all else, you’ll get crisp, superior sound quality at restaurants, concerts, and other social gatherings.

Best-in-Class Rechargeability

Our sleek case holds 3 full charges before having to be plugged in. Each 3-hour charge gives you 30 hours of listening time. So you’ll always have strong and clear hearing from today well into tomorrow.

Personalized for You

How your brain interprets sound is unique to you. Our audiologists custom-program your hearing aids based on your test results, so you’ll have premium, personalized sound right out of the box. You can continue to work with them virtually to refine and maximize performance in everyday life.

 Easy Adjustments

Having trouble hearing in a noisy or new environment? No need to fiddle behind your ear or schedule a doctor’s appointment after the fact. Our app lets you control and customize your settings right away—and right from your smartphone. So you always have complete control of your hearing in the palm of your hand.

High-Tech. Low Cost. No Compromises.

Everything You Need for Better Hearing

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