Why recommended bilateral hearing aids ?

The word ' bilateral' represents putting two hearing aids ie. On both ears .

 Bilateral fitting of hearing aids provide many benefits to the hearing aid user in comparison to the unilateral hearing aid user when we have hearing loss in both ears whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical .

 Bilateral stimulation- the signal heard stimulates the brain contralaterally. If we put only one hearing aid , then only half part of the brain is stimulated .by fitting bilateral hearing aids , we can stimulate the whole brain.

 Directionality- With unilateral fitting of hearing aid we are not able to localize the direction of the sound heard.

Bilateral fitting of hearing aids helps in localisation of sound.

Hearing at low volume/further protection of ears from continues exposure to loud sounds - With one hearing aid in bilateral hearing loss. We should keep the volume of hearing aid high to hear the environmental sounds.By using bilateral hearing aids we can hear the environmental sounds at low volume and save our ears from the continuous exposure to loud noise.

Habituation of hearing from one side-. With the use of unilateral hearing aid, we habituate to hear only from aided side, and from unaided side we loose the ability to understand speech gradually.

Clarity- By fitting bilateral hearing aids , the clearity and naturalness of the speech sound has been increased.

Easy group conversations- When we use only one hearing aid, we hear the sound clearly from aided side and face difficulties in hearing from unaided side which makes the group conversations difficult for the user. By bilateral fitting of hearing aids, the hearing aid user can easily follow the group conversations.

Understanding speech in background noise - by fitting bilateral hearing aids, the hearing impaired person can understand speech in background noise also in comparison to unilateral hearing aid.

Increased sound quality- by fitting bilateral hearing aids, the quality of sound is increased.

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