The Livio AI Hearing Aid from Starkey

The Livio AI is the first-ever BTE hearing aid to use artificial intelligence to provide superior sound quality and the ability to track your mental and physical health. This device is compatible with wireless devices, giving you direct access to your smartphone, remote microphone or TV streamer. Livio AI has even better noise management than its predecessors, as the devices can communicate with each other, which improves performance in background noise. Next, its smartphone app allows you to customize sound settings to low, mid, high, and ultra-high. A few more notable features you to need know about include:

On-Board Sensors: Livio’s on-board sensors allow you to track brain and body activity. That way, you can monitor your overall health and reduce the risk of a variety of diseases.
Translation: The smartphone app can actually translate speech from different languages. It will then send the translation to your hearing aids, which you can hear in whatever language you prefer.
Fall detection: Because people with hearing loss tend to fall more, the Livio’s onboard sensors can track how many times you fall. This could potentially help you in the long run to be more conscious of any balance issues you may be experiencing due to hearing loss.